Behavioral Health

OneRise is an integrative, state-of-the-art behavioral healthcare campus that will offer a comprehensive approach to mental health care and substance abuse services for Wichita, Kansas. Using trauma-informed design, we are creating architecture that not only functions, but promotes healing and wellbeing.

Like our other Social Impact projects, OneRise began with a series of stakeholder engagement meetings to understand the community’s needs, assess gaps in service, and discussing funding mechanisms. The multidisciplinary team of human services providers, researchers, and designers looked at various precedents, including the Haven for Hope Campus in San Antonio, Texas. Using information gathered from the stakeholder engagement meetings and research, the design team developed a master plan that integrates a variety of services into one campus.

Considering various definitions of “community,” OneRise is dedicated to promoting social interaction in a variety of ways. Anchored by the central communal activity zone, the site design forges a connection to the surrounding area near the main entrance by providing open, flexible spaces that can be used by short-term visitors and long-term users alike. The connection to nature and application of biophilic design fosters a healthy lifestyle and a restorative environment. OneRise is more than a campus. It's an ecosystem that represents an innovative approach to partnership and collaboration.