Merced Housing Texas Partners with WestEast Design Group for Programming + Conceptual Design Collaboration

July 12, 2023

WestEast Design Group, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Merced Housing Texas, a leading provider of affordable housing solutions, for the Programming + Conceptual Design of an addition to Casitas de Villa Corona. This partnership aims to address the need for additional affordable housing in the community and ensure that the new development aligns with the preferences and experiences of its future residents.

Casitas de Villa Corona currently offers affordable senior housing on its premises. Recognizing the need for more affordable housing options, Merced plans to utilize the large parcel of land adjacent to the existing site to create additional housing units. Before finalizing the type of housing to be built, whether it be senior housing, multi-family units, or housing for youth emancipating from foster care, Merced aims to involve the existing tenants in the decision-making process.

To achieve this goal, WestEast will conduct surveys and focus groups with the current residents to gather their valuable insights and preferences. By involving the tenants in the design process, Merced aims to incorporate their experiences and desires into the new development, ensuring that the future residents' needs are met effectively.

WestEast has been selected as the design partner for this project due to their expertise and commitment to community engagement. Our services will encompass a comprehensive range of activities, including site analysis, community engagement initiatives, vision and design direction, and preliminary project budgeting. These efforts will enable Merced to make informed decisions regarding funding and development planning, aligning the project with the community's needs and preferences.

"I love that [WestEast’s] process is rooted in the feedback and insights of each stakeholder group – that the process is truly inclusive and collaborative," said Kristin Davila, President and Executive Director at Merced Housing Texas. "Working with [WestEast] on this project seems like such a natural fit for Merced."

Both Merced Housing Texas and WestEast Design Group are dedicated to fostering stronger communities through the creation of affordable housing options that promote dignity, accessibility, and a sense of belonging. This collaboration marks an important step towards meeting the growing demand for affordable housing in San Antonio, setting a new benchmark for future developments.

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